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Rock Your Curves!...Yoga and Scoliosis

  • Have you been diagnosed with one of the four types of Scoliosis?
  • Have you wondered what yoga postures are best for your body?
  • Have you noticed that you have pain in certain areas of your curvature?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this might be the series for you.  
In July, you will explore with Kelly Colln the four types of Scoliosis, which one you have, and how it relates to Yoga.

You will also learn the following:
*How to modify asana for your particular curves
*How to incorporate breathing practices to lessen the effects of your curvature.
*How to use the yoga wall and different yoga props to strengthen that which is weak and lengthen that which is compressed.

Yoga and Scoliosis is part of KC Yoga Center's Yoga Therapy Series.  Cost is only $39 for three classes.  As this is a Therapeutic Series Class, drop-ins are not an option.  You may use your regular class pass or purchase the Series.  

New Student Specials are not valid for Yoga Series.

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