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Jumpstart Your Health with this 7 Day Guided Digestive Cleanse

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  • Do you feel sluggish, heavy in body & mind, toxic, overweight, or fatigued?

  • Do you want more energy, better sleep, & a stronger immune system?
  • Are you stuck in a cycle of unhealthy cravings, mood swings, & energy dips?
  • Are you experiencing digestive issues like constipation, gas, indigestion, bloating, food sensitivities, & bad breath?
  • Are old habits, emotions & behavior patterns triggering imbalanced eating?
  • Do you want a gentle, whole -foods based way to do this without fasting or starving?
  • If so, you will want to Jumpstart Your Health with this Ayurvedic 7 Day Guided Home Digestive Cleanse $108

Throughout the program, you will be supported with an Ayurvedic daily routine and cooking practices including…

  • A toxin-reducing, easy-to-digest diet made up of organic whole foods.  Eat three meals a day plus snacks as your hunger guides you

  • Cleansing spices, herbs and teas support the body in flushing out toxins while improving digestion and elimination

  • Detox baths (luxury required!)

  • Lymphatic dry brushing and herbalized oil self-massage  

  • Nasal cleansing and oiling for health tissues and a balanced mind

  • Optional yoga asana, breathing and meditation to support a calm nervous system

  • Daily Keep Up emails for inspiration

  • Private Facebook group for support throughout the week

  • Structure for your week including modifications for busier schedules 

  • Cleanse booklet with recipes, instructions and a supply shopping list; * The cleanse tea, spice and herbs can be purchased from Jamie at the opening workshop


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Get ready for a revitalized & vibrant bodymind!

A powerful way to boost your vital health, release old emotional habits, and jumpstart a healthier you that supports your bodymind in gently releasing toxins without stressing your system.

In addition to clearing out accumulated waste due to the hectic lifestyle of our modern world, a cleanse is an ideal way to move yourself into a healthier way of living.  

You emerge feeling lighter, clearer and revitalized with a reset digestion, higher physical functioning, decreased symptoms, greater vitality and focus, and new awareness of how to move forward to live in health and harmony.

*This cleanse is NOT indicated if you are pregnant, have just given birth in the past 6 weeks, are breastfeeding, have just recovered from a debilitating illness, or are experiencing an acute illness.