A few years ago, the gym I belonged to offered a yoga class. If it meant I didn't have to run or be stuck on some crazy exercise machine, I was game. I started going to the class and realized my body could, and could not, move in so many ways. I was hooked. I needed more. 


There was a GROUPON for a yoga studio down the street from my office. I had to snatch it up. Yoga offered so much - it allowed me to challenge my body, calm my mind, and focus on my breath. I left my corporate job and moved to Arvada, Colorado to complete a YTT (Yoga Teacher Training) at Asana Studio. 


Under the direction of all of the amazing instructors at Asana, I learned more about Yoga as a philosophy. The Sanskrit word "asana" is translated to what we think about as "yoga poses". Yogic philosophy teaches that there are "many paths to one Truth". We are all looking for that "one Truth". But, what is it? Maybe its different for all of us. We all have different bodies, past experiences, and present lifestyles. Martin Buber, a twentieth century Jewish philosopher, said, "play is the exultation of the possible". Practicing yoga asana is just playing. So what are the possibilities practicing yoga can bring? 


I hate public speaking, but I love teaching yoga classes. It does not feel like teaching - it's just sharing something I love.  There are "many paths" and many modifications to poses and many ways to know oneself. I love that I was given the chance to train as yoga teacher and can now share the practice of yoga with others!