🙏🏽Are you a newer Yoga Teacher?
🙏🏽Do you wish that your 200 hr. Teacher Training would have added a little bit more about Restorative Yoga?
🙏🏽Are you curious about the anatomy and physiology of stress?
🙏🏽Are you interested in learning to teach Restorative Yoga?

If you answered yes to even one of the questions above, this is the training for you.  
This is the second of a two part training focused on teaching applications of Restorative Yoga. 

Three Reasons Why You Should Choose KC Yoga Center for your Restorative Yoga Teacher Training.

☮️ In accordance with our mission of providing quality continuing education for Yoga Teachers this 15 hour training is only $199.

☮️ Kelly Colln has studied extensively with Judith Hanson Lasater for the past ten years. She has been blessed with many opportunities to assist in Judith's Restorative Yoga Trainings and has logged more hours working, teaching and assisting with Restorative Yoga than most other teachers in Kansas City.

☮️ After January, Judith Lasater will no longer be traveling to Kansas City, MO. As a result, Kelly has created this training, for you, based on her years of study with Judith. (

☝🏽You will learn many different ways to manipulate the central nervous system allowing your students to experience deep states of pratyhara and relaxation.

☝🏽You will learn the underlying anatomy and physiology of stress as it relates to our modern day society.  

☝🏽You will also learn how to create Restorative Yoga poses if there is not a ready availability of blankets, bolsters and blocks, as well as, experience Restorative Yoga on the Great Yoga Wall, PLUS sequencing!!!

☝🏽You will learn the difference between Yin and Restorative Yoga and which style is appropriate for any given situation.  
(Note, this is not a Yin Yoga Training)