KC Yoga Center
300 hour Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training

Vision: Deeply committed to service, wellness and education, our KC-YC 165 hr. Mentorship Program is committed to raising the level of education for yoga teachers in the Therapeutic application of Yoga in all styles.
Weaving Philosophy,  History, A&P, Sequencing and Mentorship together as a creative flow, we extend open arms to teachers who wish to form community expanding their knowledge, skill and network in the therapeutic applications of Yoga.
  • Monthly Small Group Intensives- 100 hrs  
  • Private mentoring sessions- 10 hours  
  • Observation and practice- 20 hrs
  • Practicum/clinical- 35 hrs
  • Therapeutic Wisdom of Yoga Volume 1 and 2 By Doug Keller Purchase Here
  • Heart of the Yogi — The Philosophical World of Hatha Yoga By Doug Keller Purchase Here
  • Vinyasa Flow Mat Companion  By Dr Ray Long
  • Relax and Renew by Judith Lasater
Kelly Colln,
BS, MSEd, 200 E-RYT, 500 E-RYT,
1000 CYT, C-IAYT


Notes from Kelly

I didn't come to Yoga because I felt good.  Quite the opposite.  A back injury from a car wreck left me with severe nerve pain (sciatica) for over a year. Because the western allopathic model did not completely address chronic pain I was introduced to Chiropractic care and Physical Therapy.  Pain management through continued movement was recommended and I was took my first yoga class at a nearby gym.   All my favorite PT exercises were in that first class.   After a while, I knew I found my calling. 

My first training was a 33 hr training and I came out unsure of how to sequence classes. I wasn't clear on my direction and where to best spend my time and energy.  
Eventually, the Therapeutic applications and healing nature of Restorative Yoga called to me. That's where I began to invest my energies.  I deeply appreciated the required clinical for certification and over the years I amassed over 300 hours with my teacher, Judith Lasater.

Soon after, I was introduced to the intelligence of Wave Sequencing and Vinyasa Krama in my 200 hr. Training with Gina Caputo. I hired my teacher for private mentoring sessions for almost a year after I graduated 200 hour training. It was a transformative experience. The Clinical plus the mentoring sessions were formative in developing the teacher I am today. I firmly believe that mentoring and a clinical should be a part of every teacher training.

As a result, this 165 hour mentorship program is designed to be that same experience in a group setting. Each teacher in this program has a monthly session with a mentor who will help guide them along their chosen path.  I will not lie, however; it is rigorous.  Nothing is arbitrary and everything has a specific learning objective designed to enhance personal and professional growth. 

The 165 hour mentorship program is designed to fold into a 300 hour teacher training, although, it's not a requirement. Teachers who already have a 300 hour certification, but want the mentoring experience can also take advantage of our program. 

Some modules are open to the general public and some are not.  The overall beauty of the mentorship program is to allow an organic application of what each teacher brings to the table.  Everyone has a gift.  It is my greatest pleasure to help them find and develop that gift.  When we are completely aligned with our unique gifts and talents we can serve the world in a mighty way.  And really, I believe that is why we are here! 

If you are someone who is looking for an easy way...this isn't your program.  If, however, you have the desire to walk the path of a deeply committed and highly trained yoga teacher...join us.

KC-YC’s Therapeutic Mentorship Program is a rigorous, six month focused intensive designed to facilitate the application of therapeutic principles in yoga and yoga flow classes. Attendance and prompt arrival at all modules and private mentorship sessions is expected. The workload is not easy, but it will be rewarding.

Who is eligible for the Practicum?

Teachers who:
  • Are deeply committed to lifelong learning.
  • Are interested in the fundamental foundations of their craft.
  • Are not afraid to dive into and expand their personal growth.
  • Practice the yamas and niyamas in their daily lives.
  • Want to form a community of like minded individuals.
  • Are committed to each other's success.
  • Want the one-on-one guidance of a Mentor to expand their knowledge base and personal evolution.

What will you learn?

Students will:

  • form small group intensives to foster a community learning experience.
  • learn three different sequencing protocols for yoga classes.
  • learn which population is best served by each sequencing protocol.
  • learn applications for different pathologies and the incorporation of those applications in a yoga class including the yoga wall.
  • participate in a study of the ancient texts including Bhagavad Gita and the Yoga Sutras, as well as Sanskrit and other teachings that relate to Yoga and therapeutic applications of Yoga.
  • participate in Restorative Yoga Training.
  • learn to incorporate the biomechanics of the body in vinyasa flow
  • learn to incorporate the biomechanics of the body in the assisting of asana and pranayama.
  • learn to incorporate meditation techniques into a class setting.
Program Costs
Total Cost- $1,850.

$500 Deposit $1,350
Paid in full by 2/15/17
Payment plan option: $2000
$500 deposit

$250 per Module
Due first class each module.

There are two outside costs.  
1.  Please budget $250 for Doug Keller's workshop in March.  
This is at The Yoga School of Therapeutics, so they will receive your payment


This is an amazing opportunity to study with the teacher who wrote our texts.
2.  Also budget $60 to construct your own Mala for our energy weekend.
3.  Lunch at the Nelson for Foundations weekend...$20.

All Modules are at the City Market location unless otherwise noted.
104 E 5th St. 
Suite 201
KCMO 64105

Friday 5:00-9:00
Saturday 12:00-7:00
Sunday 12:00-7:00

Yoga School of Therapeutics
Mar 17-18

Module One
Vinyasa Krama and Sequencing applications
Feb 24-26 

Module Four-
Advanced Anatomy and Pathology Low Back, Knees, and Neck and Shoulders
May 19-21
Includes Yoga Wall Applications

Module Two-
Teaching Restorative Yoga
March 23-26 Notice time change!
Zona Rosa Location
Includes Yoga Wall Applications

Module Five-
Intro to Private Sessions

June 23-25
Scheduling, Ethics, Applications 
Yoga Wall Training

Module Three- 
April 22-23
History,Philosophy,Sacred Texts, Sanskrit

Module Six-
Energy Anatomy and Assists
Koshas, Vayus, Chakras, Mantra
July 28-29

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Attendance policy-We require attendance at all modules. Failure to complete a module will result in non-certification. If an unavoidable issue arises, the module can be made up as private sessions with the program director at a rate of $50 per hour, not to exceed $250. *
We require a $500 non-refundable deposit upon acceptance into this training. If a catastrophe happens, it cna be applied to another training or to your account. I understand the $500 deposit is non-refundable. *
We make judicious use of Google Drive with this training. Much of what you do will be documented in Docs. Please verify that you understand you will need to access and utilize this modality of document sharing. *
We utilize a private Facebook page for dissemination of information. Are you comfortable using Facebook? *
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