YB Yoga Flow 200 Teacher Training

“Yathabhuta”:  to realize the true nature of all things.


What will I learn?

In this diverse and in-depth training you achieve understanding in:

  • Philosophy
  • Exquisite sequencing
  • Constructing & deconstructing asana
  • Meditation
  • Pranayama
  • Teacher/student communication,
  • Anatomy/kinesology
  • Energy Anatomy
  • Restorative Yoga
  • You may also elect to attend our Ayurvedic and Therapeutic modules as well as approved outside workshops for additional hours and knowledge.
  • The opportunity to offer your teaching practicum up to 3 Times.


  • $400-includes two hours of mentoring and application fee. (After review and acceptance into the training you will be sent the link to pay.)
  • $165-per TT module (Register for the modules as you are able)
  • $199- Per TT module (Restorative and Applied Anatomy)
  • $65 hour for additional mentoring

(Test essay due after completion of all modules)

Flow Practicum (TBD)

How does it work?

Students can enroll at anytime before Module 3 with the commitment to make up the first two missed modules. These unattended modules will be offered as a three day intensive at a later date. This intensive may be held once or twice in smaller groups depending on the demand. It’s flexible.

During the course of the training you are required to attend the “All Levels Flow” and “Intermediate Flow” classes that are set up in a series format. Most classes will be taught by Maggie with occasional subs. You may also attend the Hatha/Qigong series to receive additional hours.

Each of the two series is one day a week for four weeks. You will need to complete six rounds of each series to fulfill your requirement of 48 classes. These two series run simultaneously off (when TT module is underway) and on throughout the training (Example: All Levels Flow on Monday, Intermediate Flow on Thursday, both at 5:45pm-7:00)  You could take one, or two series a week-allowing you to fulfill your class attendance requirement at your own pace.

Prerequisites for Enrollment:

Completion of one of the following 4 class series:

  • All Levels Flow

  • Intermediate Flow

  • Hatha/QiGong Flow

Course Requirements:

  • Completion of all 12 Modules.

  • Attend total of 48 classes in the series:  All Levels Flow and Intermediate Flow.  Haha/Qigong Flow series is optional but encouraged. 

  • Complete each module’s reading and homework assignment.

  • Passing grade on final essay/test.

  • Successful completion of teaching practicum.

Yay! You can be a 200 hr YB Yoga certified teacher, qualified to register with Yoga Alliance.

Required reading:

  • Yoga Body Buddha Mind- Cyndi Lee
  • 30 Essential Yoga Postures - Judith Lasater
  • BKS Iyengar Yoga -The path to Holistic health
  • The wisdom of No Escape -Pema Chodron
  • Yoga Sutras of Patanjali- Chip Hartranft
  • Yoga Anatomy - Leslie Kaminoff


Original Yoga- Richard Rosen

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2018-19 Dates and Modules

What is a Module?

Each module averages ten hours over the course of one week as follows:   Most modules are held Saturdays followed by Monday and Thursday early evenings.

  • Saturday training 9:30-4:00
    • Monday Workshop 5:45-7:30
    • Thursday Workshop 5:45-7:00

The exceptions to this are the Restorative and Anatomy Modules.

In addition there will be several series running at the studio that relate to your training. You can attend as your schedule allows.

Module 1: Arising, Abiding, Dissolving: The Roots of Vinyasa Yoga-  

  • Saturday training 9:30-4:00
    • Monday Workshop 5:45-7:30
    • Thursday Workshop 5:45-7:00

May 5th

Through dynamic and skillful asana practice, with work in the essential postures, you will learn the three tenets of Vinyasa yoga: Arising, Abiding, Dissolving. You will begin to discover how to practice and teach this in every posture, transition and breath. We well explore how to teach the transitions as postures within themselves, opening up to each and every moment until the final rest of savasana. You will learn the basic template of a Vinyasa/Hatha class which you can rely on to build creative and effective sequences.

Module 2: The Elements of Balance and Transitions-

  • Saturday training 9:30-4:00
    • Monday Workshop 5:45-7:30
    • Thursday Workshop 5:45-7:00

June 16th

Here we begin the practice of standing on one leg in the eka padha (one-legged) postures as well as basic arm balances and intro to inversions. There are key elements in the balancing postures that if taught correctly will make standing on one leg, or two hands, stable and joyful. Key to this is the study of basic anatomy and transitions between the postures.


Module 3 ANATOMY: Intro to Energy Anatomy with Kelly Colln  Cost $199

Three Day Module

June 29th 6:00-9:00

June 30th 1:00-6:30

July 1st     1:00-6:30

We are multi-faceted beings.  Just as your body has a physical anatomy, it also has an energy anatomy.  In this module you will be introduced to the biomechanics and functions of your energy body. You will be able to identify the major chakras, learn the corresponding mantra, color and function.  You will learn how the chakras, elements (tattwas) and Five Vayus (winds) interact and create health and vitality in our system.

Prerequisite for Applied Energy Anatomy.


Module 4: Intro to Anatomy for Yoga With Kelly Colln   Cost $199

  • Two Day Module PLUS Two Applied Anatomy Labs
  • July 7-8 
  • Anatomy Lab July 11th and July 18th

Our first anatomy module is a  safe and appropriate  introduction to the biomechanics of movement and the teaching of asana.  By looking at the student as a whole being, you will recognize  common movement and postural patterns in asana.  You will learn alternative cuing strategies allowing for greater range of motion while creating maximum stability of joints.   You will learn why some common yoga cues you hear in class are not appropriate for many people by understanding the biomechanics of movement as they relate to asana. We do all of this by the incorporation of video, audio, textbook study guides and physical practice of asana.  

Required texts…

  • Ray Long- Key Muscles of Hatha Yoga
  • Leslie Kaminoff- Yoga anatomy   
  • Judith Lasater- Experiential Anatomy.

Module 5: Hands On and Off Adjustments-

  • Saturday training 9:30-4:00
    • Monday Workshop 5:45-7:30
    • Thursday Workshop 5:45-7:00

August 11th

In this module we will learn how to observe, approach and take right action to give an effective and informed hands on or off adjustment. You will gain insight through study of basic anatomy and how it differs from student to student..We will begin with a practice to ignite our hearts, open our senses, and become more sensitive with  adjustments. We will explore alignment and how to spot and correct when it goes astray.

We will discuss how to let our students feel seen and supported. We will also learn when verbal adjustments are appropriate and how to invite our students into better listening. Through group work we will explore how to see, place, and support safe alignment in our student's asana practice.

Safe and sensitive hands-on adjustments and use of props offer a great opportunity to help students feel the full expression of postures. 


Module 6: Intro to Restorative Yoga-with Maggie Kortchmar

  • Saturday 10am City Market
  • Lab: Monday the 10th & Wednesday 12th. 5:30-7:30

September 8th


Our Restorative Yoga Training is based on the work of Judith Hanson Lasater.  In this training you will learn and experience the History, Philosophy and Science providing the foundation of Restorative Yoga. 

Module 7: Intelligent sequencing for Hatha and   Vinyasa Flow

October 6th

Module Six instructs how to put together a class that makes sense from the view of anatomy, class level, and time of day. Taking into consideration you must engage your students and keep their attention on what they are doing and feeling. Learning how to sequence a class well is the cornerstone to being a successful teacher.

  • Saturday training 9:30-4:00
    • Monday Workshop 5:45-7:30
    • Thursday Workshop 5:45-7:00

Module 8: The Eight Limbs and The Four Noble Truths-


  • Saturday training 9:30-4:00
    • Monday Workshop 5:45-7:30
    • Thursday Workshop 5:45-7:00


November 10th

Module seven introduces South Asian philosophy and its historic timeline from the Vedas to modern yoga.  You will discover how yoga philosophy relates to teaching asana and how to infuse it into your classes and your own life. We will also study the core of the Buddha’s teachings: The Four Noble Truths. These truths align beautifully with the way of the yogi.

Module 9: Inversion and Arm Balances-

December 15th

  • Saturday training 9:30-4:00
    • Monday Workshop 5:45-7:30
    • Thursday Workshop 5:45-7:00

This module is all about balancing our bodies and minds while upside down and on two hands. You will learn when, where and if to bring the teachings of inversions into your class and what steps must be taken before the final posture is attempted. Observation of your student is crucial in teaching this, we will concentrate on how to teach one student at a time to keep him safe as well as to have others observe and learn.

Module 10: The Art Of Teaching an All Levels Class: 


  • Saturday training 9:30-4:00
    • Monday Workshop 5:45-7:30
    • Thursday Workshop 5:45-7:00

January 12th 2019

Teaching any yoga class is teaching to different bodies, minds and levels. Yet there are wonderful tools that can be employed to keep an all levels class safe for beginners, dynamic for more advanced, and a joy for all involved. We will explore the different scenarios of an all levels class and how to teach effectively and with confidence.

Module 11: Meditation and Pranayama Essentials:

  • Saturday training 9:30-4:30
    • Monday Workshop 5:45-7:30
    • Thursday Workshop 5:45-7:00

 Febuary 23, 2019

Here we dive deeper into a meditation practice. You will learn the meditation of calm abiding Shamatha. With a focus on the second limb of yoga; the Niyamas, we awaken Svadhyaya(self-study).  A consistent meditation practice not only enhances your own daily life, but it shows up in your teaching and is at the heart of what yoga is about: freedom. You will learn not only to meditate, but where and how to teach elements of meditation into your classes. We will also study and practice basic breathing practices known as Pranayama and how it affects the body and mind.


Module 12: From Asana to Meditation and Back:

  • Saturday training 9:30-4:00
  • Sunday training 9:30-1:00
    • Monday Workshop 5:45-7:30
    • Thursday Workshop 5:45-7:00

March 9th and 10th, 2019

This weekend we summarize through discussion, questions, practice and journaling, the elements of your training and discover the path you have taken to arrive in the balance between effort and effortlessness: Flow. Each trainee will teach a segment of a 1.5 hour all levels class with feedback from your teacher as you prepare for your final class to achieve your certification. We will discuss ethics and your aspirations as you wind down this training and prepare for how you will keep the teachings vital and a source of delight.