KC Yoga Center Hot Yoga


KC Yoga Center offers heated classes at both locations. We have radiant heating panels at our City Market studio. This allows heated classes to be offered in a steady-temperature radiant heat environment.

We offer both warm (85º-90) and hot (90º-95º) hot yoga classes. We could make the studio hotter but that would just be showing off. These temperatures are sufficiently high to achieve the many benefits of a heated yoga practice.


  • detoxification
  • warm muscles = deeper poses
  • elevated heart rate (i.e., cardio workout)
  • improved breathing
  • heightened mental focuses

Hot Tips

  • hydrate with water before class
  • replenish lost minerals and electrolytes after class
  • no big meal before class
  • move at your own pace
  • expect to sweat and bring a towel

Our members say...

I am continually amazed how my practice helps me to find balance physically, mentally, and spiritually. It is a true joy to practice with Kelly! 
— JG
I wish I had found yoga 25 years ago!! As a 50-something, my practice at KC Yoga Center (Zona Yoga) has brought me physical and mental benefits. I have gained strength, flexibility and overall balance in my body. I can work with poses I never would have thought I could. I have also found friendship and fellowship! Come join us!
— RN
My journey with KC Yoga Center began as I was searching for hot yoga in the Northland and coming up with nada. Then I found Kelly and the team and was delighted with the hot yoga class and the overall low-key approach they take to yoga. Open-minded and open-hearted, they have appreciation and concern for each person – even in group classes. A+++!
As a long-time practitioner who has been blessed to visit an amazing number of studios and study under some equally amazing instructors, I can say that the KC Yoga Center is one of the best places I have ever practiced at. The level of knowledge, skill and compassion from the staff is truly fantastic. No matter your personal need, they can accommodate. The center is warm and welcoming, there is a true sense of community here. I am so happy to have found this place — I have been teaching yoga for nearly 15 years and I learn something new each time I go to a class here! I always leave feeling renewed and stronger. Thank you KC Yoga Center for being exactly what I have been looking for since moving back to Kansas City!