Becca Baxter

1.      How did you get into yoga?

I got into Yoga in Fayetteville, Ar. There was a wonderful small, local studio on Dickson Street.  

2. Where did you do your training?  

I did my training at the KC Yoga Center

3. What your favorite thing about teaching yoga?  

I love teaching and spending time in the poses.  Yoga has such a amazing poses that build strength and internal power... I love exploring the poses with students, helping them to build awareness and power. 

Becca teaches the following classes:

Yoga and Pilates! What's not to like? Join Becca Baxter and learn about accessing your deepest strength. Becca weaves Yoga and an overwhelming knowledge of Pilates in with humor to provide a fun, but intense movement experience. Now we have Yoga-Lates!

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