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Healthy Weight Healthy You Wellness Coaching Program


This 6 week program is a place to establish a healthy weight and a healthy you as you discover a more collaborative relationship with your body, food and weight and use this relationship to support optimal health.

This special journey promises to be unique.  Not only will you be able to discover a new relationship with yourself, but you will also reinvigorate your metabolism, optimize your weight, awaken your energy and enliven your spirit.

WHEN: April 27th – June 1stFridays from 4:30-6pm

SELF INVESTMENT: $397 includes sample foods, weekly guidance/education, handouts, mp3 of meditation for change, 1:1 laser coaching, and access to private forum

WHERE: this program will meet 3 classes (odd number 1, 3, 5) in person at KC Yoga Zona Rosa @ 8741 N Dixson Ave, Kansas City, MO 64153 and 3 classes (even number 2, 4, 6) virtually through a Zoom webinar

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What the Healthy Weight, Healthy You Program Gives You

☞ Dump your diets for a better way of eating you can use for the rest of your life to promote total wellbeing and stable weight. Hint, hint – this diet is based around enjoying food, not deprivation and denial!

☞ Boost your digestive system naturally for less digestive symptoms, a stronger immune system, and a more stable weight 

☞ Tips to combat the slow creep of middle age weight gain

☞ Eat for endless, long-lasting energy to fuel your daily activities

☞ Find your healthy weight reset for who you are today – and stick to it – as you uncover the hidden ways you are sabotaging your weight and health without even knowing it

☞ Step into a place of self love and new body appreciation so you can focus on enjoying life instead of stressing about food

☞ Make sense of your food cravings and eliminate emotional overeating while getting more fulfillment out of your meals

☞ Burn more fat with this simple technique and restore your natural “Appestat” (and understand the other hungers that propel you towards overeating)

☞ Build your confidence to shift stuck behaviors and patterns

☞ Avoid toxic build up that leads to dis-ease, skin issues, mental sluggishness and other chronic imbalances  as you learn how to gently cleanse your body daily and increase circulation

Your 6-week transformation will be guided by the time-tested wisdom of the ancient science of Ayurveda combined with life coaching to effectively support a doable process of change.

Once upon a time, what to eat was instinctual and natural because it was based simply upon your body’s core needs. In today’s world – with conflicting messages of health, the ever revolving door of fad foods and diets, and narrow images of beauty – your relationship with food, body and weight has possibly become confusing and frustrating.

You will discover how to eat the way you were originally intended – according to your design and with natural joy.  Instead of focusing narrowly on food specifics such as calories, fat, carbs or points – you will eat delicious food that you enjoy, without ever feeling deprived or hungry.  You will increase your vitalilty with foods that are full of energy and healing as you learn to use food as medicine.  Instead of expensive pre-made foods and supplements, you would learn doable whole food principles and easy and quick recipes.

The techniques and Ayurvedic home remedies used in this course are powerful yet gentle, providing you with a sustainable structure to stay on course and motivated to supporting yourself and your weight.  

The key to this new relationship is simple – being able to listen to your body’s natural cues and stand in a place of balance, partnership and trust with yourself.  

It gives back your freedom –

  • Freedom to trust in yourself, your instincts, and your body’s cues  
  • Freedom from addiction and neuroses
  • Freedom to be in a place of acceptance and understanding

And while you can lose weight, this program is about more than what you lose – it’s about what you will gain – health, energy and vitality!

What the Healthy Weight, Healthy You Program Includes

Weekly Education and Guidance: each week in a 90 minute session, Jamie will highlight a theme, provide clarification, and provide quick, easy cooking tips and tasty new recipes to try out

Laser Coaching: will give you mini 1:1 support for specific challenges and will be offered in a rotational basis on the weekly webinars.

Private Facebook Forum Provides Group Support: tap into regular posts from Jamie for further inspiration, celebrate successes, gain support with challenges, connect, get inspired, and re-energize your KEEP UP spirit!  Past participants state that is the group that makes the program doable and keeps them engaged.

Recipes, handouts, tracking logs and action checklists: support your integration and staying on track

Delicious healthy foods to sample: each week Jamie will bring in selections from some of the recipes for you to try.  You will also be invited to try out and bring in recipes if you choose.

PDF instructions and a mp3 audio recording for a meditation to support habit change to use throughout the process to support your cellular memory and neuro-patterning

Jamie Durner is an expert in using simple and steady steps to create a healthy lifestyle to break free from overwhelm and dis-ease.  She is passionate about supporting you in finding natural solutions to chronic health conditions.  She empowers you to develop the awareness, resources and confidence to live in optimal health with a healthy body, sharp mind, vibrant energy and fulfilled life.

She is a holistic health veteran and comes with over 25 years of personal and professional experience and over 3500 hours of training.  She overcame her own battle with compulsive overeating and obsessive body/food awareness 23 years ago and has since maintained a steady weight and reclaimed her ability to enjoy food and life fully while staying in balance.

If you have further questions, feel free to contact Jamie at 262-389-5835 or