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Art of Practicing/Teaching an All Levels Class

Warm Vinyasa Cool Mind- 
With Maggie Kortchmar

Are you a Yoga Teacher interested in learning more about sequencing an All Levels Class?

Would you like to learn how to quickly recognize when props are the answer or when a simple hands on adjustment is needed?

Would you like to learn how/when it is appropriate to place a tired student in a restorative pose?

Would you like to learn how to encourage those who want to explore a more advanced approach without alienating those who want to hold back?

If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, then join us as we welcome Master Teacher Maggie Kortchmar.
Teaching any yoga class is teaching to different bodies, minds and levels. This training Maggie will will share her wonderful tools that can be employed to keep an all levels class safe for beginners, dynamic for more advanced, and a joy for all involved. 

You will explore the different scenarios of an all levels class and how to use appropriate communication techniques to teach effectively and with confidence and compassion.

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