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Meditation for the Rest of Us with Patricia Gray

Do any of the following comments sound familiar to you?

"I'd like to meditate, but I don't have time."
"I'd like to meditate, but I can't focus."
"I'd like to meditate, but I don't know how".
"I'd like to meditate, but I can't sit with my legs crossed".
"I'd like to meditate, but I ___________________".

  • How many times have you started to meditate, but quit after a few days?
  • How many times have you read an article about meditation, but thought, I can't do this, my mind won't be quiet...I can't sit still.
  • Take heart, you are not the only one. These are the most common reasons and excuses not to begin or continue a meditation practice.



    On January 27th, 

    • Leave your yoga mat at home! 
    • Dress comfortably and join our friend, Patricia Gray, for an immersion into stillness.
    • This special two hour workshop will feature traditional yoga breathing (pranayama) and guided meditation by veteran teacher, Patricia Gray.  
    • With discussions on practical, take-home meditation techniques, there will be ample time to become centered, calm and relaxed.


    Simon Huntley, lead percussionist from Quixotic will be featured accompanying our excursion into mindfulness with soft rhythmic sounds to create a compelling experience for deepening the meditation. This Video is an example of the type of rhythms you will experience.