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Yoga Wall Training


Join C-IAYT Yoga Teachers Theresa Goodman and Kelly Colln for Part One of Yoga Wall Training!  November 11-12, 2017!  Read on for more information!


It is said in Yoga, that “you are only as old as your spine.”

Are you a yoga teacher and...

Do you have an interest in learning how to practice yoga on the wall?

Do you have an interest in adding private sessions to your yoga teaching skills?

Do you have an interest in adding more therapeutic options to your offerings?

Are you tired of paying out the ___ for training?

If the answer to the above questions is YES, join C-IAYT Kelly Colln and Theresa Goodman for KC Yoga Center’s YOGA ON THE WALL TEACHER TRAINING

This is the first of a two part training.

In this training you will learn to focus on the lower half of the body


-Anatomy and Physiology




-Instruction in the art of teaching private sessions

-Access to the yoga wall!

What is Yoga Kurunta?

The word Kuranta means puppet.  Yoga Kurunta is yoga asana done with the aid of wall ropes.    BKS Iyengar invented the original design of the rope wall system.  The Great Wall is an upgraded system that easily adjusts and can be moved to five levels of comfort for the practitioners.

Benefits of the YOGA WALL

In this unique practice, gravity can be appreciated and utilized as a natural form of resistance, which can help students develop strong core muscles. The YOGA WALL’s positive  effects  include, but are not limited to the benefits listed below.

  1. Improves your overall flexibility and mobility in the joints and spine. Your spine experiences it’s full range of movement (ROM)  through the use of standing postures, forward folds and backbends, as well as, inversions and twists.

  2. Builds your strength in both the large and small muscle groups allowing access to many varied asana (poses).

  3. Allows you, to access to hundreds of poses not accessible in normal mat classes.

  4. Enhances your intermediate/advanced practitioner’s asana practice, strength and flexibility.

  5. Preparation for athletic competitions  through incorporation of cross training techniques.

  6. Offers many therapeutic benefits helping to  heal from athletic injuries, arthritis, degenerative disc disease, and Sciatica among other conditions.

  7. Opens joints and connective tissue through the use of  specific postures and positioning, movement and breath, and body awareness

  8. Helps students move through fear and access inner confidence. 

YA 10 CEUs

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