1.  How does the Yoga Series work?


  • The Yoga Series are grouped by level:  Therapeutic, Level 1, Level 2, All Levels.
    • In March our Therapeutic Yoga Series was "Oh, my aching back"...Yoga for Low Back Pain
    • In April, it will be, "Wow, what a pain in the neck!"...Yoga for Cervical Spine Health.
    • This is just an example, It will work the same for Level One, Level Two and All Levels series.  
    • Because Yoga Series offer the best way for teachers to shine, we are allowing our teachers to build their curriculums..
    • Yoga Series may also be taught by our KC-YC Yoga Partners.  
    • These are teachers in the Kansas City Area who have partnered with us and periodically offer special events.  

2.  What will happen to my regular classes I attend?

  • They will remain the same.  You might have noticed there are some bare spots on the schedule.  
  • The Yoga Series will be plugged in the holes that are now vacant.

3.  How do i pay for the series classes?

  • You must pre-register for the Yoga Series.  
  • You can pay separately or use passes from your current package (excluding New Student Special).
  • The Whole Series will be deducted from your class package in advance if you choose this option.  
  • There are no refunds.
  • If the series is taught by a Guest Teacher, you will pay the teacher directly and your regular pass will not be an option.
    • A guest teacher is defined as a teacher who is not on faculty at KC-YC. 
    • They are listed under KC Partners on our website.  Click Here