Kelly Colln C-IAYT

Why did you choose to become a yoga therapist?

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Sciatica:  My path to Yoga began as someone suffering with debilitating chronic pain resulting from a back injury.  At it's worst, during the night I would get on my hands and knees and bang my head on the floor screaming to make it go away. If the unrelenting drumbeat of unending chronic pain is not something you have experienced, it is beyond difficult to understand the anxiety, frustration, and depression arising from it.  I found relief through a variety of modalities, and Yoga was the major player.

Chemotherapy: I am a Hepatitis C survivor.  The treatments included two year long regimens of a cocktail of Interferon and other drugs.  The chemo almost killed me, leaving me mentally confused, brain fogged and suffering from Adrenal Fatigue.  The Chemo healed Hepatitis C and Restorative Yoga saved brought me back to life. I give humble credit to my teacher,  Judith Hanson Lasater, and her groundbreaking work, for this.  

Addiction and Recovery: Lastly, but most proudly, I am sober 27 years.  There is absolutely NO WAY I would have accomplished this without the foundation of AA.  The Twelve Steps of AA taught me how to Recover.  The Ten Yamas and Niyamas of Yoga taught me how to live.  

What is your greatest strength and area of focus as a Yoga Therapist?

My own healing journey is my greatest strength.  

  • If you came to me with chronic pain, I  KNOW your journey.
  • If you come to me with Chronic Anxiety, I KNOW your journey.
  • If you have an Autoimmune that leaves you foggy and confused, I KNOW your journey 
  • If you are suffering with an endless loop of addictive behaviors, the devastating effects of your choices, I KNOW your journey.  

I am on the other side now, extending a helping hand and the opportunity to choose something different. There are other options.

You might still have chronic pain, anxiety, auto immune issues or addictions. You will leave KC Yoga Therapy's Center with the tools and resources to manage live your life in a new and different way.

SO, If you are tired of living like you are living, come see me, share your story. My greatest tools as a Yoga Therapist are experience, strength and hope and I gladly share them with you.