Kelly Colln, C-IAYT

The initial draw to take a yoga class was not because I felt good.   It was Debilitating pain from a car wreck in 1997.  I walked away from the accident without a scratch.  Three weeks later shooting pain radiating down the side of my leg began.  At the time, I was a young mother of a two year old child.  I couldn't get out of bed without a handful of muscle relaxers and pain pills. Eventually, my foot started dragging due to the nerve pain and damage. Realizing pain pills and muscle relaxers were not the answer,  I found a great General Practitioner who helped me understand the benefits of Chiropractic Care and Physical Therapy.  A very wise PT told me, "You have to keep moving.  Every day.  Move.  Join a gym..."  And that's exactly what I did.  

That gym is where I was first introduced to yoga.  The teacher had on a black unitard and wild frizzy hair. She incorporated most of my favorite stretches from PT.  Within a couple of years, focusing on my yoga practice, I left the gym.  I surrounded myself with people who viewed Yoga as a healing modality and began Yoga Teacher training. 


Once I started training as a teacher and therapist,  I never stopped. For 10 years I trained with my goal of becoming a Certified Yoga Therapist. I pursued my yoga training as if I was getting a Masters Degree...and then a specialist...and then...YOGA THERAPIST! Now I am Kelly Colln, C-IAYT!  Certified-International Association of Yoga Therapists. 

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One more mention, generally most people don't continue to move their bodies after PT.  I have clients who come to me and say, "I do my PT exercises if my back starts to hurt again."  the movements you learn in PT are very likely closely related to Yoga. Create a yoga practice and do a little every day...10-15 minutes a day, You could possibly ward off pain. At the very least, possibly affecting the duration and intensity of the episode and shortening the overall recovery process.  All this, while helping to manage depression, frustration and anxiety that very often accompanies chronic pain.

I am a grateful person.  I stand before you today on the other side of excricuciating and debilitating pain.  If you are suffering now, Yoga Therapy is an alternative that might be beneficial!  Some of the Possible side effects are as follows...    

1.  You feel better!                         2. You feel better!                                3. You feel better!

Please don't hesitate to contact me about your Unique situation.  


Kelly Colln
BS, MSEd, E-200 RYT, E-500