Dr. John Burroughs

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I started my yoga practice in 2012 to find improved core strength and flexibility after being introduced to some yoga through high-intensity interval training.  I certainly found strength and flexibility through yoga, but, like most other yoga enthusiasts, I discovered much more.  I gained improved muscle definition, balance, joint awareness, a wonderful community of friends, and, most surprisingly to me, a mental focus and energy (as opposed to exhaustion) that I had felt in other activities (competitive sports, marathons, swimming).

I registered for the Kansas City Yoga Teacher Training Program in 2016 where I was introduced to Kelly Colln and KC Yoga Center and received my 200-hour teaching certification. Through teaching yoga, I hope to impart the same wonder in learning how the mind and body work by exploring WHY Yoga works.  I also use techniques of breath, mindfulness, and muscle and joint awareness frequently in my “other job” (I have worked as a family physician in Liberty since 2000).