KC Yoga Center (KC-YC) is pleased to announce

KC-YC Partners!

A Wellness consortium of professionals and businesses who are like minded and collaborative in our offerings!

Yoga: from the root Yuj:  v. to yoke or unite.

In Today's society, there is no end to the amount of division we are faced with every day.  Just turn on your TV or look at Facebook.  After talking with other yoga teachers, therapists, teacher trainees, we were thinking of ways to collaborate, and still remain autonomous.  How can we keep a symbiotic relationship without disintegrating into chaos?  What would that look like?  From these conversations, KC-YC Partners was born.  We have two lovely studios that are not in use all the time.  Why not join together collaboratively and share our space?


 Our mission is to provide a safe and supportive environment for the evolution of our students, our businesses and our community.  Evolution occurs as the result of the collaborative nature of symbiotic businesses offering unique and separate classes, therapies and trainings.  From this creative joining, we can realize our potential of becoming a thriving Yoga Therapy Clinic and Yoga Teacher Training Center allowing us to serve the community in a greater capacity.




KC Yoga Center Students

How will this affect you?...The answer is...It will and it won't. Your classes will remain the same. You won't lose classes on your schedule...at this time. (we have something awesome coming in at 6:00 AM...I just can't say, yet!)  

Expect to see more series classes on the schedule.

You will have an opportunity to experience new and different teachers who have amazing gifts to share.

Almost all of our KC YC Partners are trained on the Great Yoga Wall and are available for Private Sessions!

KC YC Partners often collaborate with KC Yoga Center for Yoga Teacher Trainings, KC Yoga Center Teacher In-Services.  Be expecting to see wonderful and new offerings to further your own yoga education.

For more information about Series Click here

The Symbiotic nature of our collective is built on the following foundation:

  • KC-YC Partners are their own businesses renting KC Yoga Center's venue.

  • KC-YC Partners are their own Llc or Sole Proprietor, renting space from KC Yoga Center.  

  • For clarity of bookkeeping their offerings are separate from KC Yoga Center and the businesses are paid directly.  

KC-YC Partners: